Improved Logistics

  • NON – Biased account management

  • Meet with vendors monthly to discuss house keeping, inventory integration and market adjustments.

  • Renegotiate terms and rates

  • Handle user access

  • Assist in products and service integration.

  • Improve saturation.  (Lets face it:  Most sales managers do not have hours to spend with multiple vendors discussing analytics)  We will help improve and focus on lead conversions and form submissions. 

  • Audit 3rd party sites for content, reviews, photos of dealership and custom write up content for dealership likeability. 

  • We will scrub and incognito audit key market territory to pin point market share to get the most out of your ad dollars.

  • Invoice audits to ensure you are receiving discounts and correct billing structures based on the needs of  your monthly ad spend.

  • We will handle those pesky sales calls asking you if you are near a computer for a webinar….