How does it work?

Mainivent will handle your buyer negotiations in order to reduce cost based on your needs and targeted audience.  We will save you thousands of dollars based on expert analysis of your program goals. 

Do you need Television or Radio Production?

HD quality production can be done in-house or with a host of quality local production companies.  We will bid each project to ensure cost savings or do it in-house depending on the size of work.

How does it work?

Our team of experts includes former Executive Level personnel from some of the largest media companies in the world.


Our team knows what to ask for when to ask for it.  This just means more value for you!  We will make sure every buy comes with a little something extra for free.  Media companies do not have leverage in negotiations with Mainivent.  You do!

Why have a media buyer?

  • Build a brand

  • Have a why buy

  • Reach the right buyers

  • Mass Reach

  • Connect your product or service to your ideal audience using math and science

  • Expert negotiations save you thousands monthly